Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order my real estate sign post to be installed?

Download the free PutPostIn iOS or Android app. Follow the three easy steps to book your installation: enter the installation address, your preferred post type, and where we can pick up your sign. (We can pick up your signs from your local sign shop, your house/garage, or wherever they are currently being stored.)

How does sign post removal work?

Open your PutPostIn app and go to Active Installs page to see where your signs and posts are currently installed. Click on the address of the property you would like to remove and enter the date for removal.

After sign post removal where does my sign go?

We store your signs at our warehouse and track your inventory on the app so you always know how many signs, toppers and riders, open house directionals you have and where they are.

Service Details

What areas do you serve?

Our service area is most of the Metro Atlanta Area. Please see the map of our service area.

What are your post install days?

We generally install & remove posts Tuesdays & Fridays. Depending on the zip code or weather forecasts, the app will make additional days available to choose.

Do you install on weekends?

At this time we only offer Open House directional services on the weekends.

How quickly can you install my sign / post?

The majority of our installs will be done by your requested date. Inclement weather, damaged signs, or other factors may cause delay and you will be notified via email and/or the app if that is the case. If any major issue or unforeseen occurrence arises, we will install the next business day.

Why are some dates unavailable (grayed-out) in your app's Installation Date calendar chooser?

The app uses an algorithm to determine our capacity for each day. Based on the location of the property, installer availability and previously scheduled jobs, some dates may be unavailable. We strive to fulfill all orders on the agent's desired dates, so this process helps us to provide accurate job completion dates.

What makes you the best real estate post and sign installer in metro-Atlanta?

We have the best prices and the best service! We have the widest variety of posts. Additionally, we are the only one that is app based and tracks your sign, rider, and topper inventory. Each installer will send you a picture of your sign and post as soon as installation is complete. You will also be instantly notified upon removal. No more having to drive by a house to see if your sign is up or removed yet!


Do you use vinyl posts, metal posts, or wood posts?

We install both vinyl and wood posts. Here's a bit more detail about our posts:

Vinyl Wood
Colors Black, White Black, Gray, Stained & White
Height Most are 6' 6". We can also provide 7', 6' or 4' vinyl posts. Approximately 6' 6"
Price $50 for up to a 6-month rental $75 for up to a 6-month rental

Can I see examples of your posts?

Yes. Here is an image gallery of some of our sign post installations.

Signs, Toppers & Riders

Will you store my signs when not in use?

Yes, we will happily store all your signs or just some of your signs. Just tell us where to go to pick up your signs and we will move them to our warehouse. The more signs you store with us the better service we can provide and easier for you to track your inventory and monitor the condition of your signs. There is no storage fee for active users.

Do you make signs?

No, but we work with local sign shops. We can pick up your signs once they are made or retrieve them from wherever they are being stored.

Do you change toppers and riders?

Yes, the app manages all your rider and topper inventory for you and you can easily set the date for the switching out of toppers and riders. If you need us to pick up your toppers and riders, just let us know.


What else might I need to know about your service?

You can cancel an install at no cost as long as the installer has not left the warehouse yet with your sign. If the installer has left the warehouse with your sign, a cancellation fee of $25 is charged.

We can install signs within 2 business days of your requested date as long as wem have your sign in our inventory. We can pick up your sign(s) from a sign shop, house or garage, or wherever its being stored for no fee. Please note that sometimes storage locations have certain hours we have to work within. We will not be responsible for any delays from the sign provider. We will install your signs at our warehouse for free after each removal to provide a better experience moving forward. There is a $50 storage fee charge only if you have stored your signs with us but have not used any of our services in the past 6 months.

The installer will install your sign wherever they see best fit if you have not provided a picture or clear directions on where to install a sign on a property. A re-installation or sign move request on property is a $30 charge.

PutPostIn is not responsible for any underground utility lines, sprinkler systems, cables, pipes, or unseen objects buried in the yard. Agents should call 811 to get the property's utilities marked before your requested post installation date.

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